HD-638 Kwadrantscharnier


Het HD-638 messing kwadrantscharnier is ontworpen met een ingebouwde stop waardoor een deksel onder 95° open kan blijven. De boog wordt in de zijkant van de doos, onder het blad, geboord. Elk blad meet 25 mm x 25 mm. Let op: Bij het monteren van de schakel gaat het uiteinde met een langere dogleg in de bovenzijde (deksel)zijde.

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Sean Foushee (Arlington, US)
Very bad
Very good
Very bad
Very good
Project: Jewelry/Music Box
Excellent Quality

These hinges are some of the best brass hardware you can use for your projects; quality is top notch. Although installation instructions could be more detailed that doesn’t detract from the earned rating.

Anthony H
Perfect hinges

I have been using these Quadrant Hinges for high end Jewelry Boxes for twenty years. They are reasonably easy to fit ( I don’t use the template ) .

Mike Mingioni
Dead on

Worked as expected. Wish there was an insert for the mortise. With the guild bushing on my router I can’t see the cut. Mortise was free handed, and while it wasn’t difficult at this price they should do better there.

Beautiful Hardware

The hardware is beautiful and has some meat to it. I would buy this hardware again but I would not use the included steel' **** to pre tap the holes. My only gripe is that I drilled, pre threaded the hole and waxed the steel **** and the thing still twisted off leaving half the **** in the wood. The brass screws gave me no issue with the same process. The brass templates are definitely worth it. Just make sure you get your router deck and guide bushing centered over the router bit.

Bill Brooks
Beautiful Quadrant Hinges

Very nice hinges for medium to large boxes. My first use was on a humidor. I tried to get the fit correctly using only a drill bit and chisels. While getting close on practice pieces of poplar, I could never get it just right. I purchased the router template ( TJ-638) and everything worked perfectly this first time.Take care to read and follow the routing instructions and you will be very pleased with the results.